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How long does a No-Scalpel Vasectomy take?

Usually about 10 minutes by Dr. Benderev.

The Steps of our No-Needle, No-Scalpel Vasectomy

  1. You will partially disrobe and lie on the exam table.  Your privacy will be respected, as you can expect only Dr. Benderev to be present during the procedure.  No assistant is used.
  2. The scrotum will be washed and draped to guard against infection.  
  3. He will apply a local anesthetic using the "No-Needle technique". The needle is usually avoided with this technique by using a special jet sprayer for the anesthetic.  You will likely feel a "flick" on the scrotal skin.
  4. After the local anesthetic is administered, one tiny (1/4 inch) opening is made in the middle of the scrotum just below the penis.
  5. The right and left vasa tubes are lifted through this opening. Each side is done separately. The vas is snipped without sensation. Using an "open-ended technique", Dr. Benderev then cauterizes (heat seals) the far end of the vas and buries it within adjacent tissue using a tiny titanium clip (entitled "fascial interposition") before returning the vas back into the scrotum. The same procedure is done on the opposite side. While most patients do not feel anything during the procedure, it is possible that you may feel a mild pulling sensation or pressure during this process.

  1. The opposite vas deferens is then lifted through the opening for the same procedure. The remaining opening can heal with closure by stitches or naturally without stitches.



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